The SD Cards Series


Any tool made by humans is an extension of the human experience. The SD Card Series was inspired by my interest in machines, and the way tools shape our evolution. What started as an experiment in allowing the limitations of my art making tools determine the structure of what I produce, has become a performative struggle as a man vs. machines. In each film I carry out one specific task for the duration of an SD card (the memory storage devices in most digital cameras).

Relative value is a concept that I consistently revisit. What is the value of time within the context of an SD card? What is the value of my time relative to something else, or my life to someone else's life? What is the value of my work as an artist, or my persistence through life?

For each film in this series, I try to create relative value systems by performing everyday actions and pushing them beyond their normal utilitarian purposes, while forcing the memory cards to their functional limitations; equating the two things.