“No I Don’t Have a Gun”



The Big Head Brigade

I was a performer in a group called The Big Head Brigade, under the direction of Megan Marlatt. The Big Head Brigade makes its own papermache heads and costumes, and performs at different festivals, fairs, and events around the world.




Performance and installation artist Claude Wampler was a visiting professor at the University of Virginia in the Spring of 2015. AS part of her class, we formed the Interdisciplinary Sculpture and Performance Collective, and collaborated on a piece called Ritual which was performed during Charlottesville's annual Tom Tom Festival.

The goal was to transform the Haven - a renovated church in Charlottesville - into "an immersive space, fostering a unique and immersive experience blurring the lines between the live and the mediated." - Claude

For this piece, I acted, played guitar, made props, helped write film and edit the pre recorded video component, and created the adjacent images that were used as publicity for our performance.