Unattended Baggage | Suitcase, Timer, Accelerometer | Jack Williams | 2017


An object that actively claims space by counting up from the last time it moved. I first imagined the details for this project during my residency at the University of Cumbria (UK), when I was traveling on the Tube in London, and an announcement revealed that our train would be delayed until the police could determine the contents of a bag that had been left unattended. We waited in anticipation for about 20 minutes until we were reassured that it was only someone's forgotten luggage. Many were relieved that it was not a bomb.

I began to think about our relationship to monuments and what they tell us about time. About the way that monuments tell you exactly how the space that they occupy has been used (for that specific amount of time), and the way ideology is manifested and maintained by that action. I began to think about the baggage that we carry with us, and the things around us that never move. The transience of some bodies, and the permanence of others. 

These sculptures were created in collaboration with my friend Jack Doerner. The timers on these suitcases count up to 99 days, 99 hours, 99 minutes and 99 seconds; only reseting when the object is moved or unplugged.