Located at The Garage - a space adjacent to Charlottesville's historic Emancipation Park - I first started thinking about this show during my residency at Cumbria University (in the U.K.), over the summer. This being my first time out of the country, I was excited to compare what I understood as normal to a culture that was foreign to me. 

I had been researching what is called genesis amnesia, the idea that at a certain point our collective memory loses the origins to something fundamental to our way of life or thinking (examples such as why we eat almonds, celebrate certain holidays, or work). I was hoping to find parallels between the structures maintaining the way of life enjoyed in England to the way things are done here in the United States.

When I retuned home I realized how rapidly everything was changing: While we continue to tolerate forestalled conversations about our environmental responsibilities with inactive - but comfortable - optimism, private corporations continue to take advantage of a political-social-economic-judicail system that caters to the wealthy (a problem very connected to health care). While governing rhetoric pushed for increased divisions about what it means to be an American; or maybe what it means to be human, white nationalists marched through Charlottesville in demonstration.

A review of the show @ tete-ahh-tete.net



Unattended BaggageSuitcase, Electronics | Jack Williams 2017  

I continue to read and wonder about where all of our problems might come from, and I think a lot about our relationship to time.

I think about the emotional baggage we carry with us, and the way these things take shape as physical objects that claim space.


Star of the Show | HD Color Video, 46 min | 2017  

I think about about our life-span as humans compared to the celestial time of planets, and how fleeting our existence might feel at their time scale.